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Sodium Tripolyphosphate-STPP

Sodium Tripolyphosphate or STPP is an inorganic compound produced by heating a stoichiometric mixture of monosodium phosphate, NaH2PO4, and disodium phosphate, Na2HPO4, under carefully controlled conditions. 2Na2HPO4 + NaH2PO4 ? Na5P3O10 + 2 H2O

Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP) Specification:

1 Chemical Formula   Na5P3O10
2 Whiteness Level(drk103c Full Automatic Colorimeter) 85.88% Min 82
3 P2O5 Content 56.33% Min 56
  4 Sodium Tripoly Phosphate (Na5P3O) Content Expressed as a % Of Total phosphate Content 95.76% Min 90
5 pH Solution 1% @250C 9.22% 9.2~10.0
6 Water Insoluble 0.05% Max 0.2
7 Moisture 0.02% Max 0.5
8 L.O.I 0.62% Max 1
9 Iron (Fe) 59.62 mg/kg Max 100
10 Temperature Rise 8.600C 9~15
11 Phase (Form)I 10.40% 5~40
12 Weight Retained On Sieve 40 3.20% Max 3
13 Weight Retained On Sieve 100 66.70% Max 70
14 Weight Retained On Sieve 200 24.90% Min 25
15 Weight Retained On Sieve 270 2.81% Max 20
16 Bulk Density 0.75 gr/cm3 0.6 ~1.1

We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, dealer, wholesaler and stockists of Tripolyphosphate in India. Sodium Tripolyphosphate is an inorganic compound with formula Na5P3O10. It is the sodium salt of the polyphosphate penta-anion, which is the conjugate base of triphosphoric acid. It is produced on a large scale as a component of many domestic and industrial products, especially detergents. Environmental problems associated with eutrophication are attributed to its widespread use. STPP is a colourless salt, which exists both in anhydrous form and as the hexahydrate.

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Used in Various Applications

  • STPP is a preservative for seafood, meats, poultry, and animal feeds
  • The majority of STPP is consumed as a component of commercial detergents. It serves as a "builder," industrial jargon for a water softener.
  • Leather Tanning agent
  • Anti-Corrosion Pigments, Fermentation,
  • Rubber Manufacturing

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