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Your trusted partner for Zinc oxide solutions in India. Zinc oxide is an odourless solid with a white color, occuring in powder or granular form. Sole crystals are transparent. The product is hardly soluble in water and has amphoteric properties.

Zinc oxide

There are many commercially available variants of zinc oxide, which differ with regards to raw material purity used for production - a metallic zinc ore. French-made grades offered by Polsaros Sp. z o.o. are characterized with degrees of purity as follows (ZnO content expressed in %wt.), Zinc oxide (ZnO) is a common inorganic compound with a large number of uses. It is insoluble in water but soluble in dilute acids and bases. Its melting point is extremely high -1975 °C, where it also decomposes.ZnO exists in two common crystalline forms: wurtzite and zincblende. The zincblende structure is shown here, but wurtzite is more stable under ambient conditions.

Properties of Zinc Oxide

NO. Properties Unit Specification
1 ZnO % 99.8
2 Iron(Fe) % 0.001
3 Lead(pb) % 0.015
4 Copper(Cu) % Trace
5 Cadmium(Cd) % 0.001
6 Sieve Test On 325 Mesh % 0.004
7 LOI % 0.3

We specialize in the import, exports and trading of premium-quality Zinc oxide

Hind Exports is a specialize in the import, exports and trading of premium-quality Zinc oxide, Zinc oxide, with its unique properties, is a versatile mineral that finds applications across multiple industries. The stability, resistance to high temperatures, and other characteristics make it an invaluable material.

Used in Various Applications

  1. Sunscreen:

    • UV filter in sunscreens due to its ability to absorb and reflect ultraviolet (UV) rays.

  2. Cosmetics:

    • Ingredient in various cosmetics, including foundations, powders, and lotions.

  3. Diaper Rash Creams:

    • Active ingredient in diaper rash creams for its soothing and protective properties.

  4. Medicinal Ointments:

    • Inclusion in topical ointments and creams for its antiseptic and skin-protective effects.

  5. Rubber Industry:

    • Additive in the rubber industry for improving elasticity and strength in rubber products.

  6. Ceramics:

    • Component in the production of ceramics and glazes.

  7. Paints and Coatings:

    • Pigment and UV-protective agent in paints and coatings.

  8. Pharmaceuticals:

    • Used in certain pharmaceutical formulations.

  9. Adhesives:

    • Component in adhesives for its bonding and reinforcing properties.

  10. Food Additive:

    • Used as a white pigment in food products, such as in the production of confectionery.

  11. Electronics:

    • In the manufacturing of varistors and ferrites.

  12. Zinc Supplements:

    • Dietary supplement for addressing zinc deficiency.

  13. Textiles:

    • Additive in textiles for UV protection and antibacterial properties.

  14. Catalysts:

    • Used as a catalyst in certain chemical reactions.

  15. Fertilizers:

    • As a zinc nutrient source in fertilizers for plant growth.

  16. Transparent Conductive Films:

    • In the production of transparent conductive films for electronic devices.

  17. Lubricants:

    • Additive in lubricants for its anti-wear and friction-reducing properties.

  18. Photocopying:

    • In the production of photocopier toners.

  19. Pigment in Plastics:

    • Used as a white pigment in the production of plastics.

  20. Animal Feed:

    • As a nutritional supplement in animal feed.

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At Hind Exports, we take great pride in our global reach, top-notch quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our Zinc oxide imports play a pivotal role in fueling economic growth, industrial development, and fostering international trade relationships in these regions. We are dedicated to being your reliable partner in the global Zinc oxide trade.

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